OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad - Red
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OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad - Red

  • $ 70.79

The OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad is now available with a red rim! The OffWorld Invader V3 has been carefully engineered to as closely as possible duplicate both the physical functionality and realism akin that of a true rudimental snare drum. This elegant and cutting edge device has been created specifically for drum and bugle corps, scottish pipe snare, orchestral and kit based rudimental percussionists dedicated to maximizing their performance excellence, off the drum, in practice settings. 

OffWorld Invader V3 Features:
- Equipped with a fully functional, stick-saving, 360 degree rim element, The OffWorld Invader V3 pratice pad is capable of producing the most authentic rim-shot effect for any rubber-surfaced rudimental practice pad on the planet. Shots, pings, cross shots, effects, mock hi-hat performance options are all easily viable with this component. 
- Featuring a newly formulated V3, space-age, synthetic playing surface. For an authentic true-to-the-drum experience, this surface achieves the closest to Kevlar / Aramid-Mylar drum head feel and articulation of any rudimental drum pad currently available. 
- Encased in a specially formulated high-impact, the OffWorld Invader V3 Practice Pad features industrial strength, abrasion and weather resistant, smoldering black nylon composite matrix, designed for a lifetime of drumming.
- Complimented by a amazingly non-slip base which actually doubles as a high definition, rimless playing surface.
- Fits perfectly onto any 14" snare or snare stand hardware. The Offworld Invader V3 practice pad is the absolute toughest, largest, most heavyweight pro-rudimental practice pad in our arsenal. Total portable.