** Since the District provides students with a bass clarinet to use, SOME accessories are provided for students.  However, it is recommended that students acquire the following for their personal use. **


* Please ask your director or private teacher for recommendations on the strength reed that you should purchase before placing your order. *

Vandoren Traditional Bass Clarinet Reeds (Box of 5)


Vandoren CM344 B45 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece

Rovner Light Bass Clarinet Ligature


Peak SMS22 Music Stand - recommended for all band students for use at home

Volkwein's Cork Grease

Hodge Silk Bass Clarinet Swab

D’Addario Reed Guard (good)

D’Addario Reed Storage Case with Humidity Control (better)


Protec Gel Cushion Clarinet Thumb Rest

Faxx Clarinet Mouthpiece Patch 

Herco Woodwind Mouthpiece Brush

Hercules Bass Clarinet Stand

Interested in purchasing your OWN bass clarinet?

Norwin is able to provide all high school bass clarinetists with a bass clarinet for them to use at home and in their school ensembles.  Please speak directly with your band director and/or private teacher before purchasing your own bass clarinet.  These instruments are a BIG investment, so it’s important that you seek their input before making the decision to purchase a new or used instrument.

Before purchasing any new or used instrument, it is highly recommended that students and parents do the following:

  1. Speak to your band director and/or private instructor about the desire to purchase a new instrument and seek their recommendations / guidance.
  2. Visit Volkwein’s Music in person, meet with one of the trained instrument salespeople, and test out several instruments before purchasing.

There is an overwhelming number of options available, including many very appealingly affordable instruments online.  Many of these instrument-shaped objects are extremely low-quality and are difficult to impossible to repair.  Therefore, the instrumental music staff at Norwin recommends that high school students consider the following Intermediate and Professional level instruments when purchasing a new or used instrument:

Intermediate - Yamaha YCL-221 Student Bass Clarinet with Low Eb

Professional - Yamaha YCL-621 Low Eb Professional Bass Clarinet

*Intermediate = high school student with intermediate-level skills who may continue playing their instrument after high school

*Professional = high school student with advanced-level skills who probably will continue playing their instrument after high school