High School Percussion

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REQUIRED Equipment for ALL HS Percussionists

Innovative Percussion IP-KW Concert Snare Drum Sticks (1-2 pairs)

Innovative Percussion F12 Medium Hard Xylophone/Bell Mallets (1 pair)

Student Percussion Kit (Drum Pad and Bells) - This can be purchased or rented for a small monthly fee.


In addition to the above required gear, Mr. Kandrack highly recommends that each student have the following items at each grade level:


9th Grade

Innovative Percussion IP-LD Lalo Davila Concert Snare Drum Sticks (1 pair)

Innovative Percussion IP-240 Marimba Mallets (2 pairs)


10th Grade

Innovative Percussion CL-X5 Christopher Lamb Xylo / Glock Mallets (1 pair)

Encore T102 Payson Hard Timpani Mallets (1 pair)


11th / 12th Grade

Innovative Percussion 7A Drumsticks (1 pair)

Innovative Percussion IP-1M Multi-Percussion Stick / Mallet (1 pair)

Innovative Percussion RS251 Vibraphone Mallets (2 pairs)


Any Time in High School

Innovative Percussion DSB-2C Deluxe Stick / Mallet Bag  (1 bag)

Innovative Percussion James Campbell Concert Snare Drum Sticks (1 pair)

Encore T101 Payson Staccato Timpani Mallets (1 pair)

Yamaha DK-15 Chrome Drum Key (Quantity – 1)

Peak SMS22 Music Stand