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Volkwein’s Instrument Care Kit

Portable Music Stand

Korg TM-60 Combo Tuner / Metronome




Rico Clarinet Box of 10 (Elementary Band)

Rico Alto Sax Box of 10  (Elementary Band)

Mitchell Lurie Bb Clarinet (HS Band)

Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Box of 10 (HS Band)

Vandoren V21 Clarinet Box of 10 (HS Band)

Rico Reserve Classic Clarinet Box of 10 (HS Band)

Rico Royal Bass Clarinet Box of 10 (HS Band)

Vandoren Traditional Alto Sax Box of 10 (HS Band)

Hemke Alto Sax Box of 5 (HS Band)

Rico Reserve Classic Alto Sax Box of 10 (HS Band)

Rico Royal Tenor Sax Box of 10 (HS Band)

Vandoren Traditional Tenor Sax Box of 5 (HS Band)

Jones Artist Oboe Reed

Volkwein's Cork Grease

Legacy Superstrap SSXH Saxophone Neck Strap

Buffet Clarinet Swab

Hodge Silk Clarinet Swab

Hodge Silk Flute Swab

Hodge Silk Alto Sax Swab

THUM-EEZ Clarinet Thumb Protector

THUM-EEZ Saxophone Thumb Rest Cushion

Faxx Sax/Clarinet Mouthpiece Patch 



Volkwein's Valve Oil

Al Cass "FAST" Valve-Slide-Key oil

Schilke Tuning Slide Grease

Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort Trombone Lubricant

Vinyl Trumpet Cleaning Snake

Vinyl Trombone Cleaning Snake



Vic Firth 2B Drumsticks

Remo 8" Practice Pad


Standard of Excellence - Book 1

Standard of Excellence - Book 2