Grover Rock Maple Wood Block
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Grover Rock Maple Wood Block

  • $ 37.50

Grover Pro wood blocks are meticulously crafted using the finest quality New England rock maple. Our blocks are full and naturally “woody” sounding. They have the ability to speak with a whisper or a loud cutting “bark”. We put a wide radius on the striking edge of each Grover wood block, which means a consistent sounding attack from every stroke, whether you use a mallet or drumstick.

In addition to four vibration-isolating feet, our wood blocks feature the most versatile, easiest mounting system available. Grover wood blocks can be effortlessly mounted to any cymbal stand, L-rod, or multi-percussion rack. With mounting hardware on both sides of every Grover wood block, placement options are virtually unlimited!

WB-7 – 7″ (small)
WB-8 – 8″ (medium)
WB-9 – 9″ (large)
WB-10 – 10″ (extra large)